Unwind, grow, and find your balance.

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If you’re seeking clarity amidst a hectic life, our signature 3-night Balance Retreats can give you a breather.

and Learn

Practise wellness strategies, reconnect with the simple pleasures of life, and cultivate inner peace, immersed in the tranquil arms of nature.

What Will I Learn?

Mindful Living, Stress Management, Gratitude and Compassion, Growth and Resilience, and more.

Combining research-backed strategies, and over 20 years of experience in mental wellbeing, your teacher and guide, Lilian, will cover these topics and more.

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Around Asia

Ease your mind, surrounded by beautiful landscapes across Asia. We’ve been to Bali, and more in the future.

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We’ve just concluded our 2023 retreat in Bali. Take a peek.Join us on

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Come with us to Bali.

25 - 27th October

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All accommodations, airport transfers, and meals included.

Bali, Indonesia
25-27th October 2024

Wadari Ubud Retreat
4D3N Stay

Unwind in a unique boutique hotel located away from the crowd, surrounded by greenery and local villages. Enjoy the sounds of nature,
and reconnect with the simple
pleasures of life.

Personal Wellness

Exclusively created for this retreat, your journal will contain valuable tips to guide your wellbeing, even after the retreat ends.

5 Wellness

Based on research-informed strategies for wellbeing, our workshops are designed to help you find your balance. Key topics include:

Mindfulness skills for stress management

Positive psychology concepts for resilience

Cultivating inner peace, clarity, and joy

Decluttering the mind.

All Meals Included

Ease your mind and enjoy both local and western options at the in-house Wadari Ubud Retreat restaurant, fully included in this package.

Cultural Activity:
Making Canang Sari

Craft and create a Balinese cultural offering, and learn about the philosophy behind this unique experience.

Airport Transfers

Airport transfer by private car will be arranged, so you can enjoy hassle-free travel. The journey from Bali Denpasar Airport to the retreat is about 1.5hrs.

Optional Meditation
and Consultation

Join online evening sessions on in-depth mindfulness practices, meditation, and consultations, from your hotel room.

2 Yoga Sessions

Attend relaxing beginner level Yoga classes conducted by a local instructor.


To protect your privacy and ensure your comfort, flights will be self-booked. Contact us for flight and airline recommendations.

$750 per pax
Twin-sharing Room

$950 per pax
Single Room

Hear from our Journeyers

  • Mavis

    Bali, 2023

    “I’ve never felt so
    rested and recharged
    on a trip!

    A good balance with useful concepts and tactics. I learned to be in the moment, letting go of unnecessary thinking and stress.”

  • Iris

    Bali, 2023

    “The contents of this retreat... helped to reinforce what I learnt about coping with anxiety.

    Let go of anticipating, reacting or
    resisting. Accept the present
    moment for what it is."

  • Sue Li

    Bali, 2023

    “This is exactly what my family has been telling me— that I don't listen enough...

    From now on, I will practise more mindful communication for deeper communications with my loved ones!"

  • Sheral

    Bali, 2023

    “I had a great time and enjoyed listening to personal stories...

    from different perspectives. This retreat helped to reinforce what I’ve learned
    about letting go, so I can take better
    care of myself.”

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Bali, October 2024